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Sparta Michigan Wedding

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Alright everyone, this wedding holds a very special place in my heart because it was my very first one as lead photographer! I am so grateful to Hannah and Luke for their faith in me and for being absolute models.

Talk about a beautiful pair! Ever since our first interactions in Spain, Hannah's contagious smile and easy laugh have brought joy to my day. The engagement session was such a fun time of goofing around and having a grand time.

Still, nothing can compare to that beautiful day. Briar Barns was dressed in gorgeous sunshine as the bridal party got ready with eager anticipation.

Although this couple has been through more stress these past few months than we could imagine, the day went as smoothly as one could hope for. Elegant daisies and lush ferns accented the natural vibe of this wedding.

Tears filled Luke's eyes as his beautiful bride floated down the aisle. It was clear to everyone present that this couple was in love and beloved by all in attendance. They were covered in prayer by all and God's blessing was present in that place.

One thing I immediately learned about this couple was their love for fun and dancing. I felt like I had to twist their arm a bit to pull them away from the dance floor, but the golden hour shots turned out incredible.

Not only are they a super fun couple, but their bridal party was amazing! They jumped in with excitement, crazy

poses and emphatic support for their two friends. All in all, June 14th was an incredible day for everyone there, not to mention the delicious pizza!

Keep scrolling for a few more gorgeous pictures of Luke and Hannah!


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