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I (Bree) have been an entrepreneur since I was just 8 when I began selling homemade cookies to any poor soul who would buy them.


Since those early days, my passion for serving clients has never stopped growing, and at Aspiring Eden Studios we desire to make you just as happy as a batch of fresh baked sweets! 

Aspiring Eden

Our name is inspired by the Garden of Eden and our desire to pursue the same beauty and  authenticity. 

wedding in desert
Welcome to the Aspiring Eden Studios Family!

Five Fun Facts About Me

-I have spent time in 11 different countries

-I am conversational in Spanish

-I eloped with my hubby in the mountains

-I named my cat Winston off of New Girl

-I'm not big on coffee but I love bubble tea

Associate Team

As this business continued to grow, I soon found that it was impossible to serve everyone to the quality I wanted to as one person. I found myself needing to turn down clients and it broke my heart every time. It was not long before the vision for Aspiring Eden Studios was born! Now we have an amazing team of talented creatives, each excited to serve you well. We are Indianapolis based wedding photographers but each with a love of travel and exploring new places.


Meet Jaci 


Meet Lyndsey 


Meet Sami 


Meet Elayna 

Associate Photographers are trained by Bree to ensure that styles and experiences are cohesive throughout the company. From the beginning, you will be in touch with Bree, receiving resources and advice while planning your wedding. She will walk through every step with you, as well as edit the photos match the Aspiring Eden aesthetic. With the associate experience, our trusted team members will capture the photos when the day comes and ensure that everything flows smoothly!


Experienced +



After booking over 100 weddings, we have plenty of experience to efficiently guide you on your wedding day

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